Agency: TBWA\Istanbul  Role: Senior Copywriter Year: 2017​​​​​​​
After a successful campaign in 2016, the Istanbul Film Festival organisers asked us to generate a new approach to seize the attention of the young audience.
Our idea was to create a clear message that served as a call to action for all movie fans: ‘Just take a break from your small screens, and lift your heads up. The silver screen is waiting for you.’ We emphasised the unique experience of watching a film in a theatre by evoking the various disruptions encountered while watching a movie on a phone, tv or laptop. We created an entertaining film and adapted the main idea into various media from OOH advertising and Instagram Stories to troll videos and street stickers.
This campaign became one of the first mixed media advertising campaigns in Turkey and young film enthusiasts were particularly receptive to it. The Turkish youth mimicked our ‘Lift your head up’ message on their social media posts, journalists raved about the campaign, celebrities supported our message on their accounts and more than 100,000 festival tickets were ultimately sold.
1 Kıpkırmızı (Grand Prix) Award, 1 Kırmızı Award / 2 Crystal Apple Award / 2 Silver Apple Award / 3 Bronze Apple Award / Effie Bronze Award
Case Study
(Information about the whole campaign, including films, print, OOH, banners, theatre announcement, street stickers, festival branding, stories, preroll and troll videos.) 

Festival Poster

Festival Branding

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