How passionate can you be for a movie? 
We wanted to find an answer to this question and the answer was not very far. There were people among us who are in love with movies, forever. We recognized them by a mark on their body... We found people with movie tattoos for the advertising campaign of the Istanbul Film Festival. And they showed us their eternal love for movies...  
TV Campaign (English Subtitle)
Case Study
Outdoor Campaign
Ekin Limoncu, 25, Movie Editor
Ozan Demirtaş, 23, Student

Görkem Ökten, 32, Engineer
Emir Durukan, 28, Fitness Trainer  
Emrah Tanrıverdi, 31, Manager
Emir Geylani, 21, Tattoo Artist
Arda Yaman, 22, Web Designer
Teaser Poster
Promotion Items
TV Campaign
Interview videos for instagram
Photoshoot backstage video

Client: Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV)
CCO: İlkay Gürpınar
CD: Arkın Kahyaoğlu
Creative Team: Yiğit Karagöz, Bilge Tekin
Account Team: Beste Erener, Tuğçe Asrak, Ceren Kaban
CSO: Toygun Yılmazer
Strategy: Tuğyan Çelik
Strategy Team: Ceren Şehitoğlu, Can Değerli
Production Team: Ceyda Kayaçetin, Ceren Özen, Lerzan Kuzgun
TV: Autonomy
Photography: 212 Studio / Fırat Meriç
Music: Pataküte / Mehmet Güren

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