The Forest of Resilience VR Experience
Company: Born Studios London  Role: Creative Director & Copywriter
An immersive experience to activate resilience​​​​​​​
With around 75% of workers experiencing mental health issues annually and burnout on the rise, we saw a need for a solution to improve resilience at work. Therefore, we collaborated with Dr. Anna Rowley and transformed one of her resilience workshops into an immersive experience.
I worked as a copywriter and creative director for this experience. The idea I came up with was using the metaphor of a tree, one of nature's most resilient entities. The journey starts with planting a seed. As users nurture and watch it grow, they also cultivate their own resilience through mental health activities like forest bathing, breathwork, body scans, and letting go of negative ideas.
The Forest of Resilience was showcased at MIT Technology Review’s EmTech Next 2022 and CIPD Festival of Work events. It won a Silver Award at the Telly Awards 2023 and became a finalist in the AIXR Awards 2022 for VR Healthcare of the Year.
By the way, Forest of Resilience is in the App Store. Try it and let me know if it works for you as well!
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