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The only sound in the room was the blips of the heart rate monitor.
Blips were not stable. She was holding her husband’s hand, barely holding her tears. She took her eyes off him, looked at the monitor and let his hand go. Pulled something from her pocket. It was a red balloon. She placed the mouth of the balloon on her husband’s dry lips.
The balloon was blown up slightly with his breath. When she was tying up the balloon, the sound of the heart monitor changed. A flatline sound echoed through the dim hospital room.
She kept the last breath of her husband in that balloon. Until she gave her last breath.
They met online. They loved each other online. After five years of a very happy online relationship, they got married online. They even adopted a kid online. Never met with the kid, though. They just supported him financially and stayed in touch online. It was good to watch him grow up.
They stayed married for 42 years without ever meeting each other in person. It was probably the longest, long-distance relationship in the world.
She passed away while they were on a Facetime call. The day after, he took his life. While 32 people were watching him online.
Now they are physically together for the first time.                      In a grave which they ordered online.​​​​​​​
It was a tragic accident, a drunk driver took the love of his life. But he never accepted her death. After having 23 surgeries, he still talks to her every day.
In the mirror.
They even French kiss like before.
That morning, he lost his inner voice.
He could no longer talk with himself. It was unbearable, such a nightmare. So he hired a guy to be his inner voice. This guy’s job was to be the voice in his earbuds on a never-ending call. Except when he slept.
Getting his new inner voice changed his life completely. He got promoted at work, moved to a new house, solved his anger issues, made new friends. His inner voice did great.
One day this inner voice quit his job.
And married him.
It was a cliché at first. He met her on Tinder. Surprisingly, she had approached him. They went on a few dates and fell in love. After a wild night, he woke in a bathtub filled with ice. His kidneys had been taken.
Dialyses kept him alive while he searched for a kidney. After three years he found a match. When he woke up after the operation, the doctor gave him an information sheet about his donor. She was a woman who died in a car crash.
When he saw her photo, he desperately wanted to swipe left.
It had been 3 years since her husband passed away.
Every night, she saw him in her dreams. They were having a great time together. And every single day, she woke up crying.
But one day she signed a document and never cried again.
“I, Samantha Smith, give consent to be put into a vegetative state at my own free will. I have prepaid the bill to cover the expenses of keeping me in a coma for the next 40 years. Please take the necessary action.”
Now, she is smiling in her sleep.
After many years, Douglas never forgot her. Every single day he was looking around and desperately hoping to spot her face in a crowd or in a supermarket aisle.
One day, when he was jogging in the park, his wish came true.
It was her, travelling with a stupid faced pug. He got very excited. What would he say to her? This was the moment he had been waiting for, for many years. He approached her slowly whilst thinking how to start the conversation and then… Then he noticed the name tag of the dog.
She smiled at him on the tube.
He blushed, his heart beating faster. He knew he should strike up a conversation, but how? He screwed up his courage and simply said “Hi.” Just that. At first, she said nothing. And then she kissed him out of the blue. Fondly.
She was his wife.
He had Alzheimer's.
One of the best violin players in the world had two passions: His wife and his music. One day he lost one of them. It was devastating. It felt like the world was crumbling around him.
But the next day, he found a way to reignite his passions again.
From then on he never felt sad. Every song he created, reminded him of his wife, and his every song is devoted to her.
The best violin strings are made from intestines.

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