Photography Journal
I always had an interest in photography since the beginning of my advertising career, and in recent years, I developed some skills with my iPhone and a 35mm mirrorless camera. To me, photography is a unique way of storytelling, and as a copywriter, I enjoy it a lot. So, this is my photography journey with the latest updates.                If you are interested, please check out my photography page or my Instagram.
Happy to see my photos on paper! Some of my photos published in Docu Street Magazine. You can buy or take a look at the free online version here.
My photo selected as the winner of Abstract category at the Leadenhall Photography Competition. Great to see my work displayed in one of the most famous markets in London.  ​​​​​​​
Got featured on a bunch of sites and Instagram accounts. Here is a collection.
I worked on several photography projects for @apple, found photography ideas, collaborated with photographers and organised projects. And at last, one of my ultra-wide shots selected as an example for the @apple community brief.

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