Love Me Strangely 
Post Books
Collaborated with: Yigit Karagoz 
Like everyone in the world, 2020 was a strange year for us too. So we reflected this weirdness in our new project and created a series of “social media friendly” storybooks with some strange love stories. 
As you know, social media, podcasts, streaming services, games, lots of stuff distract us from books these days. In response to this situation, we created Post Books. They are in the size of an Instagram post and probably the world’s easiest books to read and share. You can read them when you forget to skip the intro on Netflix or share during Zoom meetings, it’s all up to you. :) 
We made videos which you can read Post Books on Instagram. And also prepared carousel posts for people who prefer a semi-traditional reading experience. 
Instagram  @lovemestrangely

Please read them irresponsibly & love us strangely.
Coming Soon... 
The only sound in the room was the blips of the heart rate monitor.
Blips were not stable. She was holding her husband’s hand, barely holding her tears. She took her eyes off him, looked at the monitor and let his hand go. Pulled something from her pocket. It was a red balloon. She placed the mouth of the balloon on her husband’s        dry lips.
The balloon was blown up slightly with his breath. When she was tying up the balloon, the sound of the heart monitor changed. A flatline sound echoed through the dim hospital room.
She kept the last breath of her husband in that balloon. Until she gave her last breath.
It was a cliché at first. He met her on Tinder. Surprisingly, she had approached him. They went on a few dates and fell in love. After a wild night, he woke in a bathtub filled with ice.                                         His kidneys had been taken.
Dialyses kept him alive while he searched for a kidney. After three years he found a match. When he woke up after the operation, the doctor gave him an information sheet about his donor. She was a woman who died in a car crash.
When he saw her photo, he desperately wanted to swipe left.
It had been 3 years since her husband passed away.
Every night, she saw him in her dreams. They were having a great time together. And every single day,                  she woke up crying. But one day she signed a document and never cried again.
“I, Samantha Smith, give consent to be put into a vegetative state at my own free will. I have prepaid the bill to cover the expenses of keeping me in a coma for the next 40 years. Please take the necessary action.”
Now, she is smiling in her sleep.
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