Istanbul Foundation of 
Culture and Arts
Agency: TBWA\Istanbul  Role: Creative Group Head 

Creating a stunning film inspired by sacrifices for art
Create a campaign that shows the efforts of the Istanbul Foundation of Culture and Arts (IKSV) for supporting art and praise artists across the art world.
We discovered that everyone in the art world was making sacrifices for the sake of art and doing so gladly. Based on this insight, we came up with a tagline that sounds like the last two letters of IKSV in Turkish which also means “gladly” (gladly: seve seve). 
Then we created a visually appealing, artful campaign featuring the sacrifices of artists and IKSV staff. A cracked bone of a ballet, a concert of a pianist right after disc surgery, an actor's longing for his family, the broken nails of a ceramic artist, a film worker carrying 60 kilos of film reel and so on so forth. They all told their sacrifice stories in a mix media film. 
We made interviews with top artists, the most passionate art aficionados and IKSV staff, in which they described what they gave up within their lives for the sake of art. Their words inspired us to build a disruptive campaign for the most prominent art foundation in Turkey.
1.200.000+ total impressions
Social Media Posts & Prints

"After the show, you either go to the backstage or hospital.” 

Ballet Dancer / Melih Mertel

“Try, fail, try, fail, try again, fail again. Gladly, fail one more time again.”

New Media Artist / Refik Anadol  

"Do you have any idea how many kilos a movie weighs?”

Film Reel Carrier / Erol Erbil

"I have been coming to Istanbul Film Festival for 26 years by travelling for 10 hours."

Cinephile / Vahit Tansoy

Case Study
(Information about the whole campaign, including film, video arts, prints, social media and interviews with artists.)

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