Istanbul Foundation of 
Culture and Arts
Agency: TBWA\Istanbul  Role: Creative Group Head Year: 2018​​​​​​​
Istanbul Foundation of Culture and Arts is an organisation behind the most important cultural events and art festivals in Turkey. Hoping to emerge from the proverbial backstage, they requested a campaign to publicise their efforts to support art and praise artists across the art world.
We discovered that everyone in the art world was making sacrifices for the sake of art and doing so gladly. Based on this insight, we created a tagline that sounds like the last two letters of IKSV in Turkish (IKSV is the common name and abbreviation for the Istanbul Foundation of Culture and Arts). “Gladly” — or in Turkish, ‘seve seve’— was a creative tagline that defined the spirit of the Istanbul Foundation of Culture and Arts, artists and art lovers.
The idea for this campaign was to illustrate the sacrifices of art enthusiasts in a visually appealing way. We started the campaign by conducting interviews with top artists, the most passionate art aficionados and IKSV employers, in which they described what they gave up within their lives for the sake of art. Their words inspired our artistic direction and we created an artful campaign for the most prominent art foundation in Turkey. 
Silver Apple Award / 5 Felis Award​​​​​​​
Case Study
(Information about the whole campaign, including film, video arts, prints, social media and interviews with artists.)
Prints & Social Media Posts

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